About Us

Bflo Brand was born under a volleyball net during a sizzling Buffalo summer. Sipping on a local brew, skyline in the background, on the sands of a beautiful beach that only a Western New Yorker would know is even there; we realized that we were in the midst of a rebirth.

We're not talking about bringing back disco, we're talking about the reinvention of a once great powerhouse into a new kind of cool. Look in any direction and you'll find new local businesses, cool places to be, food, music, art, and most importantly, people walking with swagger. There once was a time where if you heard someone say they wanted to stay in Buffalo you'd think they got kicked by a mule, or hit in the head with a football that went wide right. Those days are over. We're here, we're proud and we know this is the place to be.

The only question is, what are you going to wear to the revolution?

Bflo Brand. Home grown freshness.